Shopping online can give us a huge variety of options more than of going to the nearest shopping malls hoping for some part sales and the likes.Yes, that is a hundred and one percent true but can also be a dilemma because of expensive shipping fees and a bit of unfortunate custom taxes.Sometimes we don't even know if our items will reach our doorstep on time when we most needed it.Well, I admire you for reaching this page on my site and I believed that we have the same edge when it comes to shopping online and that is to make sure that everything will be white and clear from the start.

Being said, Cavery Line offers FREE STANDARD SHIPPING WORLDWIDE. That sounds great, right?  Shipping can cost us fortune most of the times and we completely understood.

WHAT DOES STANDARD SHIPPING MEANS? All our items will be delivered epacket  from the manufacturer (ASIA). The parcel will be delivered by air and your LOCAL POST will deliver it to your address. Standard shipping can be in transit for 15-25 days or even longer depends on your location.

CAN WE FAST TRACK DELIVERY? Yes, of course, we can arrange to expedite shipment through private logistic companies such us DHL and FEDEX. Depends on the amount of item that you order ( Orders over $100 will be Free of charge ) and ( Orders less than $100 will cost additional charge to the customer).

Moreover, due to differences in time and customs policies from countries to countries, Cavery Line would like to encourage our customers to set expectation of at least 4 weeks for the shipment before it will clear custom obligations and delivery.

It will be a happy shopping at Cavery Line.




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